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Sustainability Matters

Our beautiful, irreplaceable planet is suffering from unchecked growth and consumerism. It is vitally important that we try to reduce our negative environmental impact.


We believe in luxury minimalism. Consume when needed, but ensure that what you buy is either sustainably sourced or long lasting and fit for purpose, and preferably both!

Cost of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is the #2 most polluting industry second to the oil industry. There are 80 billion pieces of clothing produced each year and a vast number of these are thrown out at the end of each season.


Recycled Cotton Paper

Re-use Fashion Waste

Mitigating some of the damage done by the textile industry – using handmade paper made from recycled cotton.


All of our journals use recycled cotton paper. This is made by hand, using waste from the textile industry, without using harmful chemicals. Even the drying is done naturally.


We take a waste product that would otherwise be left to pollute our environment, and turn it into thick, creamy paper that allows you to write, draw or even paint, beautifully.


Handmade and Sustainably Sourced

ALL Scriveiner Journals are handmade using traditional methods that have been passed down through the generations. We select only the best water buffalo leather which is hand cut and prepared in the oil-rich crazy horse style. The paper is hand cut, the pages hand counted and bound. The binding is hand sewn. As we use only natural materials and 100% genuine leather, each notebook is unique, making them the perfect gifts for men or women.

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