Premium Leather Journal Gift Set by Scriveiner London –Black Lacquer & 24K Gold Luxury Rollerball Pen, 7x5 Inch Handmade Genuine Leather Journal, Cotton Paper, Christmas, Leather Anniversary Gifts


  • UNLIKE OTHER JOURNAL GIFT SETS which include a low quality pen, a Scriveiner leather journal and pen set combines our PREMIUM QUALITY JOURNAL with our STUNNING LUXURY ROLLERBALL pen. Superbly crafted out of brass & jet-black lacquer and FINISHED IN 24K GOLD, this pen retails separately for $24.99. IF YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE A GIFT, WHY COMPROMISE? Choose premium quality and understated luxury from a boutique British brand. SEARCH 'SCRIVEINER' AND READ OUR AMAZING PEN AND JOURNAL REVIEWS!
  • WHILE OTHER JOURNALS ARE mass produced in China; use a cheaper, thinner leather or chemically treated wood-based paper; a Scriveiner journal is HANDMADE BY ARTISANS using a thicker, PREMIUM QUALITY LEATHER which makes your journal more SOFT, SUPPLE & DURABLE. This is combined with handmade thick, CREAMY RECYCLED COTTON PAPER which is acid free and does NOT BLEED THROUGH, giving you a wonderful writing experience in a journal that will LAST A LIFETIME.
  • IMPRESS YOUR COLLEAGUES AND YOUR LOVED ONES – your Scriveiner journal and rollerball will be admired by those around you. Express ELEGANCE, SOPHISTICATION AND UNDERSTATED LUXURY – Scriveiner pens and journals are DESIGNED IN LONDON, England and share the timeless attributes of CLASSIC BRITISH DESIGN.
  • ENJOY FAIR-TRADED luxury that is ECO-FRIENDLY – When possible, we use 100% NATURAL MATERIALS. Even if that's not possible, we design our products to last a lifetime so they are as sustainable as possible! NO LEAD OR ARSENIC is used during the leather tanning process. The amazing paper is made from RECYCLED cotton – we take waste from the fashion industry and turn it into something beautiful. For every gift set sold we DONATE to NRDC, a US organisation fighting pollution and climate change.
  • BUY WITH TOTAL CONFIDENCE - Incredible customer service and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. If you are not satisfied then we will PUT IT RIGHT or REFUND you – whichever you prefer. We know the quality of our products and we want you to have the best possible. Perfect gift set for those who love travel, recipes, to write, a dnd notepad, bible journaling, poetry or daily planner. Who want a luxury pen, executive, office, professional pens.



The Best Journal and Pen Gift Set – Scriveiner London

Why 'the best'?

Other companies offer a journal which is mass produced in China or use a thinner, lower quality leather.

All other companies offer a cheap pen described as ‘luxury’ but which can be picked up for 50 cents from a Chinese wholesaler!

At Scriveiner we do things properly. If you are going to give a gift, why compromise?


The Ultimate Leather Journal

Handmade, genuine leather journal made using thicker, premium leather so it's more soft, supple and durable. Combined with handmade, recycled paper that does not bleed through and is a dream to write on. Perfect for fountain pens! The amazing cotton paper is made using waste from the fashion industry. We turn waste into something beautiful. 100% natural materials! No lead or arsenic is used during the leather tanning and our paper is acid and wood free!


Stunning luxury rollerball pen.

Superbly crafted out of brass with jet-black lacquer, finished in 24K gold. We use the Schmidt liquid ink system - writes beautifully on any type of paper! Our pen retails separately for $24.99 and is equal or better in quality to pens costing many times more. Search for Scriveiner and read our reviews!

Whether for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or for Christmas, our journal and pen set makes a wonderful present.


Help protect our environment

For each item sold we donate $0.50 to NRDC, an organisation helping to fight pollution and climate change.


Buy With Total Peace of Mind!

We are so confident that you will love your Scriveiner gift set that we offer a 100% manufacturer guarantee. Simply register your purchase and you can return within 365 days for a no questions asked replacement. And, if you return within the first 30 days we guarantee a full refund.


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Leather Journal Gift Set by Scriveiner London 7x5 inches