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Why do we support a charity focused on climate change?

Updated: May 16, 2019

We live on a beautiful planet. But our environment – be it rainforests in South America or Indonesia, glaciers and the ice pack in the north and south, the air that we breathe, our oceans – is under threat. Whereas 100 years ago we had little or no understanding of the wider impacts of pollution, now, there is no reason to dispute the negative impact of pollution upon our planet – no reason except a rapacious greed for corporate profits based upon business models that desperately need to be transformed or abolished.

In Europe, the vast majority of the population accepts that human activity is changing our planet for the worse. But the USA, under Trump, is now deliberately destroying the legislation designed to protect the environment; and pulling out of internationally negotiated agreements that attempt to reduce the likelihood of the more extreme negative scenarios from coming into being. Whether this is simple vindictiveness as much of this legislation was put in by Obama, or deliberate efforts to reward corporate paymasters such as Exxon Mobil, is beside the point. Trump can only push these policies by relying on certain sections of the US electorate who cheer him on. And they are either focused on other priorities – which Trump has promised to deliver – or they have bought into the climate change denial disinformation that is paid for and disseminated by the oil companies.

Just as the tobacco CEO’s claimed that they had no knowledge that smoking could be a cause of cancer, just as the NFL ownership and management teams were aware of the impacts of concussion upon their players, so the resource extraction companies have deliberately denied and misled the American public about issues that they have known about for decades. And the potential costs of their actions – actions designed to provide incredibly wealthy and powerful people with even more money and power – threaten every human being on this planet, as well as a huge majority of the species with which we share our environment.

The USA should be the global leader when it comes to protecting our planet. And therefore we have selected a major US-based charity that focuses on promoting knowledge about the scale of the dangers to the US population and bringing pressure upon US corporations and politicians.

In the words of NRDC:

We believe the world’s children should inherit a planet that will sustain them as it has sustained us. NRDC works to ensure the rights of all people to the air, the water and the wild, and to prevent special interests from undermining public interests.

NRDC experts use data and science to unearth the root causes of the problems that confront us. We use that information to blueprint transformative solutions, and we mobilize the support of partners, members, and activists to advocate for laws and policies that will protect our environment far into the future.

From the bustling streets of Southeast Asia to the majestic forests of North America, NRDC’s work takes us to communities across the globe—and in your backyard.

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